Do you feel the pain?

Sick of carrying a portable computer that weighs a tonne, is crashing all the time? blue screening? continually updating? hurting your arm when you carry it all day doing inspections?  Need to click 4 to 10 times just to access the rear camera or some other function? When you get home do you transfer additional photos from the camera into your report program?. If you completed 3 inspections in a day, would you be up to all night completing those reports?

Great news, You don’t need to any more!

Complete reports quicker and be more efficient!

Simple Smart Logical Accurate.

ReportNow gives you the ability to collect data, annotate, describe, add pictures and deliver the best looking report on the market immediately!


Explore all the Features

No need carry anything other than an iPad with a camera flash. Let ReportNow do the rest.

Enter information ONCE!

Email pre-engagement agreements, completed reports to your customer, booking confirmations to agents,  and job details to your pest inspector (If you use one). All from ReportNow!

Pre Purchase Reports are delivered in a modern informative easy to read report that your client will love. Rich with photos and detailed narratives that are easy to customise and add to.

Easy to use

Simple graphic interface.

Designed from the ground up to be the most effective inspection/report creating software on the market today.

ReportNow uses big finger sized icons, lots of colour and intuitive design to help you enjoy inspecting and getting REPORTS done NOW


No duplication of information.  Communicate with all stakeholders with custom information that is specific to their needs. Enter inspection findings immediately in a responsive interface that will help you get your report done quicker. When your report is complete, send it immediately from site. Have more time!

Dynamic & Ergonomic

Modern Interface with finger sized buttons, ergonomically placed.  Navigate sections with ease. Never forget whether a photo was from the bathroom or ensuite!  Send your report when you leave site and be confident you haven’t forgotten anything. (Because if you feel you may have missed something…your still there!)

Detailed and Flexible

ReportNow offers plenty of room for photos, narratives, and “on the fly” creation of rooms and narratives. Customising ReportNow’s database as you go. Improve your efficiency, productivity while building your professional reputation. Deliver your service with ReportNow. Your competitive advantage.

ReportNow licences are available by “in-app” purchase.

Sign up above to download your demo copy to take ReportNow for a test drive for 14 days. The only restriction is that a “demo” watermark will appear on all reports.

You can then choose to purchase a subscription or perpetual licence.


Save Hours, here’s how

We started with a device that was light, reliable and could take great photographs..and had a flash.

A software design that is user friendly, easy to use and attractive to look at, while being super efficient at producing the best reports on the market.

Send your completed report before you leave the site! (Of course you need to have cellular capability.) No uploading information to a server to generate the report. Its all done right there on your iPad.

All done, and Sent!

Great effort went into creating the most efficient workflow possible, minimising the amount of times you need to click on the screen, to generate a report.  In most cases the buttons you need to click on were placed ergonomically under where your finger would naturally sit.

3 years on site development to make your job easier.



Simple – SMART – Logical – Accurate

1 – We carefully chose the best platform to deliver – Only available on Mac iOS -Super stable

2 – The best device. – iPads have great cameras and the all important flash so all the photography can be done with one device. No need to take the second camera.

3 – Computing Power. With iPads advanced processor and cellular features ReportNow produces the reports and sends them immediately, reliably and with no fuss. Just what every professional Inspector wants.

4 – Ongoing development. A responsive software development team that will continue to improve ReportNow. So if you have any feature requests, let us know.

We know you will love using ReportNow!

For more information, why not check out our YouTube channel and download our 14 day demo and see for yourself.



As the saying goes, “I scratched my own itch”

I created ReportNow to improve report writing and improve the lifestyle of all building inspectors. ReportNow is quick, stable, easy to use. Clients love the detailed easy to read reports, agents also love the speed of my service because they know I won’t hold their process up. I have a colleague that has helped beta test and he is the busiest inspector I know. He claims that he can save up to 3 hours every night using ReportNow. My experience mirrors these claims. No more program crashing,  endless clicking to get to sections of the program. If you are having similar issues, or just looking for a better program, and a stress free methodology, I urge you to give ReportNow a try.

ReportNow. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Laz Nagy
Laz NagyiCheck Property Inspections


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